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Top 10 Coffee Cozy TutorialsFabric Coffee Sleeves

Top Ten Coffee Cozy Tutorials

Coffee lovers know that getting a nice hot cup of coffee often involves a conundrum. Those cardboard sleeves that come with the cups are wasteful but without them your hands feel the burn of your beloved drink. The best place to find personalized coffee cozies is Fabriccoffeesleeve.com because we are the only place online where you can find ready-made, customizable cozies that are perfect for wedding favors, save-the-dates, gifts and coffee lovers in general. However, for those who want to make their own, these 10 tutorials are the best options to start you off right.

10: Crocheted Kitten Coffee Cozy

Cat Cozy Video Tutorial – For those who wish to experiment a bit with cozy styles, this cat pattern is a great place to start. It produces a cute cozy that will make coffee drinking even more fun.

9: The “Coffee Cuff”


Instructables Coffee Cuff Tutorial – Adding a bit of flair to a simple coffee cozy is not difficult. This pattern instructs on how to make a ribbed effect and how to add a lacy finish to an easy pattern.

8: Artsy Mama: Crochet Cozy


One Artsy Mama Cozy Tutorial – Using colorful and clear photographs to guide the way, this tutorial demonstrates another simple, yet elegant cozy pattern perfect for novices. Using a single crochet stitch, the finished product yields a nice fabric to accent any coffee lover’s cup.

7: Mug Sweater by: Chatty Granny


Sew Chatty Granny Square Cozy – Granny squares are a staple for crochet lovers and this coffee cozy has unlimited potential for making personalized, attractive sleeves for whatever sized mug you need. Adjustments to size can easily be made by adding rows or changing hook size to suit the gauge needed.

6: An Even Easier Crochet Coffee Sleeve

Beginner Crochet Cozy Video Tutorial – Crocheting a coffee cozy is a terrific beginner’s project and this video tutorial is a fantastic place to learn how to do a half-double crochet stitch while making a useful and exciting product.

Custom Cup Cozy’s

5: Slow Summer Stitch’s Mug Sleeve


Sneezerville Embellishment Tutorial – This pattern is less focused on how to make the coffee cozy itself and more on a fun way to embellish them. Using scraps of jersey fabric and simple hand sewing techniques, you can personalize your cozies to make them stand out amongst the crowd.

4: iHeartStitching’s Sleeve Tutorial

Handmade Coffee Cozy Video Tutorial – This video tutorial not only demonstrates how to make a cozy but gives a quick intro into embroidery as an embellishment to add that extra personalization and style.

3: Crafty Staci’s “Foxy Coffee”


Crafty Staci Fox Sleeve Tutorial – Looking for something a bit more fun than just a simple cozy? This tutorial teaches how to make a fox themed sleeve to go with your cup of coffee. It also comes complete with templates to use when cutting the pieces needed to construct the fox.

2: One Crafty Home’s Sleeve DIY Coffee_Cozy_Top_Ten_2

One Crafty Home DIY Tutorial – Great for beginners, this project demonstrates how to make a coffee sleeve using simple steps and great pictures to help guide you through the process.

1: Skip to my Lou’s Fabric Coffee Sleeve Tutorial


Skip to my Lou Fabric Coffee Sleeve Tutorial – A great tutorial for using scraps in an efficient and stylish way. The patterns includes a printable template to use as the pattern piece for the fabric and calls for a hair tie to be used as the elastic.

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